“I thought I knew everything about my field until I read this book”

T Lyons Psychology professor at Canterbury University

“This enabled me to understand what it is to be human”

J Bell – The Friday Times books and culture editor

Would you be more inclined to read something if it had these reviews?

No such reviews exist. This is fortunate as it is a test to see if you can trust your own instincts rather than simply believe what prominent people think.

The cat scratches at the door. We let him in. The cat makes a bee line for the food bowl. Shortly after it has a clean and a preen. Then another sleep. The cat does explore. The cat is often on the lookout for mates. Fights and ruffled feathers. Is your life much more than this though? Of course. You may think it is. You achieve a lot more, go further and can think deeper. However, you have a fairly autonomous life, doing what has to be done. Aiming and scoring. However, we ignore the world of intrigue right inside of us. A world few ever glance at. Inside your mind and body.

This is your chance to really differentiate yourself from a cat, dog or other animal. Life is a game and I am sure you are playing it well. However, there is a completely different mode of thinking that can be at your disposal.

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The writer made plenty of money through setting up and running a business. Having sufficient money means that there is no need to make anything from a book.

It has been fairly costly to print hard copies and hand out for free, plus web expenses and proofing all add up, but it has been a hobby of sorts.

The book has come about mainly by original thoughts of the writer, but there are considerable contributions, of sorts, by vast numbers of other people. Through hundreds of hours of discussion and debate with so many and even if the opposite of what people said was taken on board, it seems wrong to charge for this book.

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