What is the meaning of life? It is a question that lingers. What you read here will change the way you look at it entirely. The first six editions of this book have always started with a bleak outlook on life. Then I met Laura. I would begin by scoffing at the way people thought what they did was important. It was for a reason. However, people don’t want to dwell on any negativity. Laura exudes positivity. I know, I know we need to send out an uplifting message. Otherwise we can’t keep the attention of the audience. It has just taken me too long to change. Laura wasn’t the first to make me consider what needs to be done, she simply pushed it over the line. She forced the issue. She came into my life through luck and I am very thankful for her being so good to me. From this it has encouraged me to have another go. I will make the introduction easier to read and less dry. However, from a negative I can show how a positive can emerge, so there is some compromise.

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