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Pets - For our pleasure

We have a cat, black and white and named Sox. We didn’t go out and buy it or get cajoled into taking it by a neighbour with seven kittens, it came to us. It actually came out of a nearby car. They heard a feint meow in the car, opened the bonnet and out it jumped. My partner made the ‘mistake’ of giving it some food and it remained here. On the couple of occasions it has been taken to the vets they have encouraged us to have it neutered. I will allow the cat to stay but not if it has its body tampered with. Veterinary staff give us the look and feeling that we are irresponsible.

A simple question: do you enjoy sex? If not and if not even if in solitary with some handy wipes beside you then you will probably find this reaction to the above advert even more bewildering. If you have enjoyed sex then I ask why you would want to deprive others the chance to enjoy it too.

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Does our cat get in fights? Yes, it does. Once it came back rather sheepish and with a hefty gash. However, I suspect it got involved with a fox. It is not something I can prove, just suspect. On average, it will come back with a chipped ear, scrape or lost fur every two months or so. However, Sox seems to enjoy trying to hump the friends in the surroundings and has a tussle or two quite regularly. Any battle scars heal in a day or so.

What we want is an animal that abides to our desires and we care very little about what they want. We feel it right to deny them choices and freedoms to make mistakes and learn from experience. Would you geld a teenager if it came back from a night out with a black eye? Lower the testosterone and fights will be less likely to simmer.

cats fight picture

Theoretically maybe. In reality, even in places like Greece where there is an abundance and disregard for them, there are often hundreds, but never that many. Life in those sorts of places is a struggle for them, but it is a full life with adventure regardless of the level of tragedy.

As far as birth control goes, animals will breed according to the level of food available. This is a problem with our domesticated cats and dogs where there is ample food on tap. Contraception is once again for our convenience. I do see the argument, it is compelling and few would condemn someone from not wanting to be overrun and having litter after litter to deal with.

cats fight picture

So cats spray to mark their territory. So. You mark yours with a fence and a gate. It is an animal not a battery operated toy.

cats fight picture

Yes, very true. Kids cost tens of thousands and you still pay one way or another for decades.

cats fight picture

Ok. Just don’t be a hypocrite and travel the world, nor roam in your own country when you feel like it. Life is indeed full of risks and it is the risks that make it joyous. You find out about the risks if you want and weigh up the balance between being risk free and careless. Many cats have a near miss with cars but the death rate on the roads is low.

cats fight picture

Indeed. Cats do get the flu just like you and me. Cancer from having a working penis/testes? Seriously? Poor diet and pollution maybe. Some people give their pets the best food available and eat badly themselves. I will now start to lose a lot of sleep thinking that Sox will get cancer because he is out and about all night, who knows where, doing heaven knows what.

The main point is bear in mind is that cats, just like you and me are driven. The same things that drive you and me, drive animals as well. Take away the opportunity to get rewards, explore and interact then life for us all is sad, dull, depressing and empty.

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