Gaming people

- A follow on from the section “fitting in” within the book.

People have used gaming techniques to get people into bed with them. They have used it to further themselves and get their way. It is all about trying to draw people towards you by making them want to prove they are worthy. By making a suggestion that they are not up to it, not sufficiently capable, too vain, too something. You want them to invite them to prove you wrong. In doing so they will go to extraordinary lengths to show you that what you are saying of them is not correct. Find the thing, many things quite often, that people regard themselves as not being and spread some doubt. Dishonest, unreliable, self-centred, you name it. A rephrased version of “you are unlikely to be any good in bed” can make someone want to demonstrate that is not the case.

VIP areas, those little domains where only the privileged ones can be seen in, are a manifestation of the way gaming is epitomised. Plenty want to be thought of as important enough to be in the very important person zone. In life there are always downsides to any privilege. In this case a VIP area may not always share the same hubbub of the ordinary larger freer sections. There will be times when it is not about being important, but not wanting discomfort, so money can be well spent on luxury accommodation. However, to game people and get them to spend significantly more, just create a sense of betterness, exclusivity.

Remember one thing; we care about ourselves the most, pretty much always. We care about what other people think of us. We want to show the world we are at least as good as the rest if not more so, special.

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