The "naked rambler", the one who walks about year after year with nothing on bar a rucksack. Trudging across the countryside from town to town with all on clear display. The cold would deter most folk, so too would the endless cycle of being arrested and being repeatedly locked up for months at a time. Despite the challenges, the rambler has been making an enduring stand for freedom.

It seems preposterous that someone who is not really doing any harm to anyone would be incarcerated over and over. There is the issue of disgust, sexual misdemeanours and hygiene to consider.

Hygiene is a serious problem. Were lots of people to frequent certain places naked, there would be major health issues to contend with. The owners or managers of any property have the right to decide the dress code. Rights of entry always override any personal dress preference. Hence most establishments would legitimately insist that certain levels of clothing must be worn if someone wanted to enter. Public transport would be the same, thus hygiene is not a key factor in the deliberation. Prior permission to enter nude would be always the case and refusals abound.

You have to assume that people would not want you entering a shop or office naked unless you contacted them prior. Further issues would relate to sitting on public benches and in bus stops etc. Nudist camps insist you have your own towel to sit on and a similar policy and respect for others is needed in the great outdoors too.

Our genitalia has a dual purpose. It is not simply for facilitating sexual interactions. Thus prudishness can be misplaced at times. Irrespective of any laws that we may want to enact, we are not discussing the forbiddance of masturbation in public nor sexual displays. We are debating the idea of being a free individual who is allowed to walk about as they were born, accepting our human condition.

For most parts in the modern world we are bound by the entrenched idea of conformity. We often become far too conditioned. Hence we accept the status quo far more often than many would like. Pushing the boundaries of the norm is not worth the effort for most. Some do make themselves stand out with bizarre vivid clothes and adornments. Hence a cynic would be right to apply a label of attention seeking to someone who is a determined public nudist. Nevertheless, being permitted to wear any clothes of our choosing is a quite popular ideal. We have some expectations drummed into us whilst growing up of what clothing fits each occasion. We instinctively adjust it to fit the time and place to appease those around us.

It is not about one person on a quest, but setting out a basis for laws which allow large numbers to follow suit.

Many will raise an eyebrow or two then someone enters the scene with clothing that is rather revealing, let alone being on a walkabout stark naked. Whether completely naked or near enough bar a thong it stirs opinions. Many people think they are inviting trouble on themselves. A greater source of dismay, is that too many are quicker to blame the victim of some assault, rather than expending time and resources tracking down and chocking off the culprits.

On aggregate people are invariably more attractive with clothes on than without. As a result it will be unlikely that a great number of people will see being naked all the time appealing.

Most people will jump to the impact it has on children. We feel that they should be shielded at all costs from our animal characteristics. We feel embarrassed and guarded with children around. Yet children learn by copying and frequently get their disgust from us. Whilst they may find it amusing and curious, the probability of them being harmed in any way by seeing someone walking by naked is pretty negligible. If it became a common sight the novelty would soon wear off. It seems that the adults are more squeamish than the youngsters. It is not to be confused with ‘flashing’ or other blatant displays that are disturbing. They are violating the decency we expect of others.

The freedom to govern our own attire would be a desirable aim. How we behave in any level of nakedness is a different issue.

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