Being all inclusive - we are all equally valid

Black lives matter. So white, pink, yellow and grey ones don’t?

I assume that the “too” has been dropped to maintain a catchy feel. Black lives matter too. The “too” is assumed, presumably. An alternative would be “all lives matter”.

When a campaign title like this is created, people choose something catchy, concise and short as possible. “The lives of black people matter as much as all others”, is too long winded. Hence we get black lives matter, which has a hidden, unintended, alternative way of reading it. Black lives matter the most, black lives are important the rest maybe less so.

The real point of this piece is that we shy away from being all inclusive. When you campaign for one group you shun another. The lives of the disabled, the yellow, the meek get pushed further down the agenda.

How about using this tool to see when you are “black” enough to count in the black lives matter campaign. Note that it is shades of brown/pink, as I have trouble finding actual black coloured people in the world around me.

colour gradient

On the subject of not-completely-inclusive campaigns we have the FGM movement. I understand, as best as I can without being reborn with a fully intact labia/clitoris, that being subjected to such torture is horrific. However, I do so prefer a movement that views with equal disdain all forms of genital mutilation. Circumcision, genital realignment etc. on any child is rarely necessary medically, it is done without them being old enough to give consent.

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