Let's write some 'reviews' without stars and percentages, nobody will ever read this page anyway.

Camp X-ray

Face looked familiar, not seen that it was Kristen Stewart on the writeup. Make up imprints a different image of who someone is. Likeable acting in enchanting little film. Despite familiar story devices seen frequently elsewhere, it is quite watchable.

I, Daniel Blake

We have those that are forced to pay taxes and those that benefit from the proceeds. With a one size fits all system for distributing handouts, there will be inevitably a small number that face awkward bureaucracy. One day this offensive film maker will show the torture endured by business people who pay large amounts of tax and have their lives turned upside down by needless investigations. Balance and even-handedness does not make a good story.


Right into the action from the off. Plausibility is often stretched, but most binge worthy.


Camera shake is dreadful, though it lessens over time. Delightful wife and compelling overall.


This girl can't dance but sure can act. Being set in the UK is always a plus.


Sixteen/seventeen-year-old characters are usually played by actors with many more years behind them. In this case, I was surprised by how much older one was. A fine film.

Blue is the warmest colour

The sex scenes are long and intense. They are however, vital to get a sense of the emotion at the breakup further down the line. Magnificent screenplay with fine performances by all involved.


Americans are prone to re-write history by showing inaccuracies or leaving out key points. Were this an American built Boeing aeroplane rather than a European airbus it would have been somewhat different. Pilots are admirable people and bring life to a story. Programmers sitting at a desk writing software that enable a plane to land on water are dull and easily overlooked. Planes have not had great form when landing on water, most break up. Take a look at ones that were hijacked and ran out of fuel. The pilot instigated the river landing, but the modern computers made it possible. This is Hollywood and we can't run a 90-minute advert for Airbus.


Stop button pressed after 5 mins. Violence is fine when integral, but is not a story in itself.

Life's a breeze

The girl is a joy to watch, even when just sitting on the bus, doing and saying nothing. The grandma is passable, the rest an embarrassment. Not a bad tale.

The bureau

Parts do drag, nevertheless it is a well-constructed series. Overall a fine achievement.

Better call Saul

The first five episodes invite the stop button. By episode ten it pans out to be as good as the story it runs behind. Being made afterwards has presented a small issue in that the actors look older than what they would in effect be.


A fine production, left me wanting more.

The Lens

Realism within a framework of ridiculousness. Likable overall despite low budget and multiple short comings. Nikola is compelling throughout.

Resurrection: ertugrul

Oh dear. I watched a little so you don't have to. You could tell from the opening titles that it was going to be bad. Clock the extras crossing left to right and right to left like drugged zombies. A mysterious cloaked chap is filmed climbing a wall with such deft camerawork that you know he is actually crawling along a stone floor. This period in history is ripe for a good series, so maybe a professional outfit could make something good.

Happy valley

So so, bordering on ok.

The white king



Not my cup of tea

EL marginal

Massive series on limited budget. Shame they didn't have a few more pesos to produce an ending episode that was worthy of the fine series. Most enjoyable.

Los ultimos de Filipinas


The day will come.

Super. Younger brother plays the part impeccably

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