Some people are very proud to claim that they are open minded. They will not shy away from a whole spectrum of possibilities. They also claim that they will be open to new theories as they arise in the future. This is a rather grandiose discipline. To be open-minded it is suggested that you need the capability of being able to dismiss the ridiculous. Is it productive to teach children in school the idea that there are two possibilities of where they came from; One being that they were conceived and carried in the womb of their mother, the other being that they arrived by a stork? A truly open-minded individual would regard the latter as being unworthy of any proper consideration because it cannot be substantiated in the same way as the former. You can witness the baby coming out, you can see the tummy get bigger and bigger, you can use a scanning machine to have a look. You can even watch a sperm make its way to an egg. People are adamant that their version of events is correct. Saying that we all arrive in a napkin hanging from the beak of a stork is a metaphor for countless other unlikely propositions. We can show people that their thoughts are misguided, taking the time to explain rather than putting them down.

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