We have the bane of growing up under someone else’s control, but hopefully you get to a point where you can leave and make your own way. Swapping the freedom of not having to pay for the roof over your head for the freedom to decide how you live, what time you get up and determining your own course, making your own mistakes. I appreciate that this is not the case for everyone. The liberty you feel can depend not only on where you live but also on the type of job you get. Some will be under far greater pressure than others. I was lucky that I wasn’t subjected to a barrage of religious or political principles at home and made to abide by narrow doctrines. This can counteract most negative aspects surrounding anyone’s upbringing. We had the opportunity to express ourselves and explore the merits of a whole range of ideologies. Some people were taught to question absolutely everything resulting in the habit of always looking for another question rather than seeing the promise in an answer. Others were taught to never question anything and rely on faith instead. Everything that they are told is held up as the gospel truth and only your attitude is open to debate. This didn’t mean that I wasn’t exposed to a whole host of ideas from the wacky to the plain illogical. I would listen to the musings of others and found the notion that there was no meaning to life particularly poignant. I thought to myself if that was the case, then why do people make such an effort to further themselves?

If you, like many others consider life to be some sort of test you are probably not far wrong, life is pretty testing no matter who you are. However, it must be stressed that despite any acknowledgement that life is in essence basically pointless it does not need to make you down and glum. Far from it, just that life, all things that we do and all that we build is temporary. Trying to find a purpose is in itself a form of distraction. The busier we are the less time we spend dwelling upon why we do the things we do. The greater the struggle the less time we have to ponder and life goes by in a blur with little analysis of why we bother. I did encounter a few who sadly took their own life and saddened most by the opportunities they had but didn’t grab onto.

One of them could have had a relationship that they would dearly have loved if only they had made a move. Instead lived out an unbearable existence right up to old age before they took the plunge. Another in their prime of youth had a world of tremendous possibilities ahead of them and one more seemed overwrought by a simple money matter. We never get to feel what they feel, and it is hard to understand the torment or worries that fester in their minds before they make their last decision. The number of people that find themselves in that situation is small compared with the large population. Most find ways of contending with the periods when they feel trapped and in despair. For many, life is way too short to get what we would like done. So many things to go out and do, so much to try and master in such a limited timeframe.

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