Blame it on our parents, blame on it all the torture metered out in school, blame it on an illness or some disability, but never blame anything on our own stance.

We had no control over where we were born. Our parents may have been misguided, cruel or inept. Some of us lived in abject poverty or relative poverty – we had running water and food but less than our friends. Some of us had it all.

Many rich people have become rich due to the unbending desire to go so much further than their parents. Alternatively, those given the most privileges and easiest of times, those who felt as though they were a prince/princess, praised endlessly for insignificant achievements that took no effort or resolve are the most likely to be the ones that find themselves becoming wayward, confused and disappointed. Much more so than those who went through a huge struggle. Our formative years makes us who we are. Any misfortune does not have to limit us. Misfortune can be transformed into fortune or fortitude.

We have a choice. We can either live our adult life as one of sorrow, as being a plant grown in bad soil or we can use it to our advantage. Those who were abused have gone on to do their utmost to prevent others from suffering the same torment. Instead of doom and gloom it can be turned on its head and viewed as an opportunity. From the ashes of a past life of hell we can alter what happens next. The pain can give us the resolve to do an awful lot of positive. You can only look at what you can do now, everything you can’t is academic. Holding a grudge is the biggest waste of time ever. It is used instead to change, to stand for it no longer and actually see the benefits it gives to your identity.

If you have come through the worst of the worst, it is unlikely to go downhill further unless you sink into your own mire of self-pity. Once people begin to love themselves, they can give and take love in large chunks from so many that are willing to share. If only you make the effort to go seek it.

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