It is not uncommon for people to feel worthless. That is because they feel they are worth less than others. We are all equally valid. If you have a valid train ticket it gives you an entitlement to take a seat in one of the carriages. A person who is frail, disabled or pregnant may be more worthy of your seat than you. You might give it to them. Nevertheless, under no circumstances need one consider someone else to be a greater, more worthy or more important person than you.

There is a substantial difference between meritocracy and validity. In this game of football, we expect those with the most skill and ability to be in the line-up. However, in too many areas we give way to people because of some artificial unwarranted respect. Are they richer, prettier, were they chosen because there was favours or bungs involved? Whatever the case, we are foolish to let go of the idea of equal validity. People may hold the ‘leader of the nation’ title. However, it is the job that is important rather than the person. It gives the holder of that job certain privileges for sure, but it is the position that is of the greatest importance. We install bodyguards to protect the person, but it is the post that is being guarded the most.

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