There are many things we try the once and avoid thereafter. Olives are one such thing. Many can find such strong tastes revolting. More of a shock and surprise though, as it can be a taste like no other, far different to what one has eaten before. Yet lots of people acquire a taste for them and overcame any early resistance towards them. The more they eat the less of a surprise it is. You begin to notice the subtle flavours more. Not everyone will enjoy them despite eating a full bucket load. Those that do, appreciate the qualities of such foodstuffs and get lifelong enjoyment from them. You discover what you like as you try things out, but you can only discover your preferences if you overcome any initial distaste.

Ice skating may provide another example of this effect. You go ice skating, you fall over. You don't go again. Years down the line you meet an attractive partner who is hell bent on showing you how to skate. You hold hands because they are attractive, and it reduces your attraction to the floor. After some time, you become competent and for some (not all) ice skating turns out to be something enjoyable. The preference was always there; it just laid there undiscovered. Our first impression of ice skating may have not been very positive. Once we get over the problems and difficulties with it, we then find out if it really is for you or not.

There are a good few songs that are not very appealing when you first hear them. A bare-bones song that uses just a few instruments is easy to pick up on but has the tendency to make a listener tired of hearing it quite quickly. A song that has a lot going on in it takes a good few plays to get into. You can tune into different components picking out one of many instruments amongst the barrage of sound. You can change your mind about an artist once you discover the refinements of the arrangement.

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