Some believe it is your fault no matter what, because if you weren’t there it wouldn’t have happened. I recall a cyclist who encountered this reasoning when they hit an old lady who stepped out into the road without looking. The locals set upon him, dishing out a little beating. The cyclist felt he was not to blame and ended up being the biggest victim. A victim of circumstance. If it was your mother though, would you be impartial?

The game of life is riddled with players who cheat. Some do not realise they are at fault, but not all can hide behind that excuse. We will expose a cheat in a game of fun and shout more loudly if there is money and prestige involved. We want them excluded in future and penalised for their actions. Getting an unfair advantage at times can be a minor irritation compared to cases where somebody does something that is particularly malicious. Some have a total disregard of the dangers they put others in.

When you are subjected to an irreversible loss you have your rage, hurt and grief to contend with. Some can come to terms with it and move on after a while. They employ the counter play of living a forgiving life. However, this doesn’t always provide the required catharsis. We can’t get over it and want to take action. “If it means sacrificing myself in the process, then so be it.” Say some, but most are realistic in what they can do. Many have a fear of further reprisals. If total innocents get hurt when you are trying to get back at someone, the masses will be very upset. Absolute care is required, and it is too easy to get the payback wrong.

Some like to think of comeuppance and karma but no amount of fiery hell can set straight the destruction some have instigated. Humankind rarely takes adequate early action to reign them in.

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