The midpoint can be a fascinating period. Like gluttons for punishment, some just carry on in the same way as they did in the first half, losing, making the same mistakes and blindly following the lead of the fools in charge. On the other hand, there will be those that do question their life so far and decide to change course. Some will feel trapped. On the surface there is a lot to be thankful for. A reasonable job, a respectable house, a partner and kids all with smiles on their faces. And a realisation that this is as good as it is going to get. Only downhill from now on. Less and less flirting. Would an affair liven things up? Maybe, but that will only provide a brief respite from this flat peak. Let’s get rid of the flab anyway as nobody is going to want me like this. Let’s do something positive. That’s the spirit. Go chase those higher forms of enlightenment.

You may be the one everyone leans on and the one person people assume has everything sorted. Inside you are in turmoil. Prospects of promotion or expanding the business are slim and that wouldn’t really help much anyway. In your formative years, you had lots all mapped out. You had plenty to look forward to before. Now that most of your wishes have come to fruition you feel vacuous, empty, unimpressed. Has it come to this. The sum total of nil. Nothing outstanding, all average. Best of all nobody seems to give a damn. Too busy, too many trivial problems of their own. Oh well, poor you. You pity those in ill health, pity the poor buggers in a cardboard box under the highway. I am at least fortunate in most respects, we muse, but hollow inside. Some feel they have done everything right in life, adhered to the rulebooks and played it all straight. Yet it hasn’t brought the bounty they expected. The cardinal rule is to keep advice to a minimum, so that leaves it to you to figure out and decide where to go from this point onwards. Ignoring that I say; be selfish, yes selfish. Do something for yourself for a change and all else can wait until you accept your irrelevance. Real freedom. Get back to what you are good at.

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