Will to form

There is a will to form and organise brought about the inherent propensity of molecules to bind and combine to make complex items. There is no outside guiding force that pushes things to make certain structures. It is an inherent part of the smaller particles. If certain chemicals get into contact with each other, reactions will occur. Bigger and bigger compounds form. The shift from pure chemistry to biology is significant but inevitable. Whenever the pressures and temperatures are such, more complicated structures build. There needs to be a relatively stable availability of light and energy for long enough else it all goes in reverse. Think again of snow, if it is too warm or too cold or if there is not the right amount of moisture the flakes will not form.

There are a number of things that whilst having extraordinary complexity are not alive. Each snowflake is unique and wondrously structured. They form automatically. Comparable autonomous characteristics are found in primitive bacterium and viruses, leading to insects then to bigger creatures. Whilst snow only forms if there is water present at the right temperature and pressure, life is similar but uses a multitude of elements and compounds. Both quickly assemble into beautiful configurations and will do so without any prompting.

Mutations. Large animals don’t mutate and change into a different one overnight. The more complex the animal, the greater the time required for a significant change. Small organisms like viruses and bacteria do change dramatically in a relatively short space of time though. Animals reach dead ends in terms of evolution, they may step back or step sideways a little so long as the new form is still viable.

If you wanted to build a new computer from different materials, you would not attempt to swap the billions of transistors within the microprocessor all in one go. If you tried this, it would more than likely fail. You would go back to the beginning and build a single transistor out of glass, get the functionality of that right first. Then gradually string more and more together until a new improved machine is created. This mirrors evolution.

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