Some discover that they need to learn to lose before they can learn to win. Winning something on your first outing can be disastrous too, as it becomes a hook towards addiction, wanting that feeling of winning over and over again. It gives you that all important first impression that sticks.

One way of increasing the joy you give to a winner is to get in a tantrum and show annoyance. Rather than mentally beating yourself up about any loss, you can use it as an opportunity to see room for improvement in your game. Think about what you did right. In many games you will have done a lot more right than wrong even though in life small mistakes can hand victory to your opponent. Whether it is a game or a business loss we can laugh it off and move on. Few can succeed until they experience the pain of a significant loss. It is only if you get your fingers burnt and don’t try something else, resigning yourself to total defeat that leads to a real tragedy. You have to lose an amount that means something and upsets the present lifestyle. Losing small bets has no real impact. Those with money have made a lot, lost a lot along the way and care less about money than those without. Oh boy the money I have lost in business is frightening. Then when profits came, torrenting in, the government put out a hand to take a portion. I filled a bucket for them, then a drum then what seemed like a reservoir. It was all gladly lost to them but spent wisely, fully accountably, thanking me with investigations and compliance checks recurrently.

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