Accidental progress

A huge number of discoveries were brought about by chance and from unintended results from research. Serendipity. There have been many scientists that have worked towards a particular objective and on the way found some unexpected properties within the things they were toying with. In such cases, they would divert their attention to a new cause. This is akin to the way in which new and varied forms of species progress, where the accidentally improved varieties thrive in the environment they inhabit.

This accidental progress has created other animals in the past. Although these designs would have resulted in them having significantly different capabilities, it appears that they didn’t have the same ability to thrive as the ones we see today. The progress made has not been orchestrated or manipulated, but it is simply that the viable types have prospered because of the characteristics that they have. Lack of reliable food supply and predation causes populations to decline. For every species that is around today a thousand have come and gone.

Viruses change quickly and each one is like a key trying to get through various locks. The ones that open the pathways spread and multiply. The ones that are barred simply fade away. If one out of the thousands of variants happens upon the right combination through ‘luck’ they will then go on to multiply further, breaking all the defences in the process. They are not consciously clever. There is no objective or purpose behind evolution. Each mutation changes the species slightly, giving it a different prospect of flourishing. The virus doesn’t care about making you ill nor does it try to, it is just a toxin that exists in a more elaborate form than a whole bunch of chemical nasties. Destruction and annoyance are part and parcel of the bigger system and vital to its continuance.

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