Evolving Complexity

Some will always see the world as too complex, too beautiful to be here via evolution alone. They will conclude that some force was at work bringing the earth into fruition – an intelligent designer. You could argue that the natural world is too complex for even the most super super being to formulate. So many interdependencies and so many refinements that can only come about through millions of years of gradual adjustments.

Life forms would utilise carbon and water in comparable ways, no matter where it spawns. Other planets harbouring life would not be that dissimilar to here.

The electronics revolution provides a comparison to evolution. A humble battery to a complex computer via valves and transistors. Consider the complexity first. A computer is powerful due to its scale. Lots of simple switches joined in unison and working in harmony. The possibilities increase tremendously with a small increase in the number of switches. If you have an upstairs light and a downstairs one you have four possible states, (both on, both off or one on, one off). With three lightbulbs, you have eight possibilities. As the number of switches increases the permutations go through the roof. All the graphics, sound and information on the computer are stored and processed by vast numbers of basic on/off switches. Whether you use two state, tri-state or quad-state like DNA does, complex machines can be formed that accomplish amazing tasks yet are built on basic building blocks.

Whilst it is obvious that an intelligent force was behind the development of technology, it nevertheless provides a clear example of how something simple namely millions of basic switches can be linked together to produce something remarkable. Once the know how has been established it takes hold and spreads rapidly. An organism that can operate reliably with a viable successful design/arrangement will propagate quickly and relentlessly. Drop a few algae organisms into a pond and within days the whole surface is covered. Progress is only quick once something devised works. Each stage of enhancement takes a long time, testing all the possibilities.

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