Having a bad memory can stick out ten times more than a good one. It can become very troublesome in ways that is hard to explain. Thankfully, as all memories good or bad are a chain of items linked one to another, we can learn to re-route some.

When something triggers something we would rather forget, we can change the thought line. You create a junction just before you begin to enter into the areas that you would prefer not to think about. You walk through the scenario in your mind from the start and instead of going into the nasty part, you think of a different ending. You need do this over and over, 20,30, 40 times dwelling on the nice thoughts at the end. Whatever the trigger be it a time of the day, a smell or the mere mention of a certain word, you run your thoughts down the line and break off to a new imaginary world. Each time it is set off you run it through to this different outcome. Over time the whole escapade fades and you don’t even voyage deep into the nicer parts, the triggers don’t have much of an effect at all. So long as the process is repeated every time, the issue can subside within a matter of days or at worst a month or so depending on the severity.

It is common to have something or other bother us, something everyone else seems to contend with, no problem. Some people hate the sight of shit and confronting some expectantly in an unclean toilet can be disturbing. A thought trail to play out would be to re-enter the bathroom in your mind and then visualise a nice clean flushed pan followed by coming out and meeting a nice person. Take a good look at a clean toilet bowl. Remember it. Visualise it then dwell on the interaction with the person in any way you see fit. They say time heals, but this process accelerates it considerably. Terrifying flights on aeroplanes lead to wondrous holidays. Ugly is replaced with beauty in the thought streams. Injuries are displaced by a healed-up individual. Simple diversions that are repeated each and every time will eradicate the nightmares fairly quickly. You pick something in life that you like a lot, then dwell upon various aspects of it for a good ten to fifteen seconds each time the bad thought gets your attention.

Visualisation and active ‘disappointment’ strategies can be employed to lessen the temptation of gambling, gaming and drug taking. When something becomes a destructive aspect of your life instead of an acceptable vice, a less mental and more physical enactment is used. Addicts have been encouraged to go through the process of drug preparation, but not the actual taking of it. They may handle the substance, heat it and dissolve it in solution, then fill a syringe but not inject it. During the first few times of doing so they will notice their excitement level and intense feeling of anticipation rise dramatically. However, as they become accustomed to not receiving the powerful reward, these notions of anticipation diminish a little each time. When they see other users or come into contact with the drug in their environment, they do not get the associated feelings of expectancy to any great degree, as they would have done before they used this technique.

People have tried the make-them-get-bored-by-it tactic. This tends to fail. They have sat a gambling addict in front of a betting machine for excessive hours hoping that the sheer monotony will dissuade them. Making them go up to the machine, but not bet, over and over is more productive.

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