Tampering with that that is not yours

“I wanted it done to my child so that they looked the same as me” is a very odd statement. As if we all walked down the street each day showing our disfigured genitalia to everyone. You wouldn't dream of shaving a child’s head because one of the parents has gone bald. An official ran in to the office yelling “Our general has been attacked”. “Are they ok?” asks the body double. “Not too bad but they have lost an arm.”

To claim that it is easier to operate on an innocent’s sexual organs when they are babies is a thinly veiled excuse to carry it out when they are powerless to prevent it. Amputating a treasured part of the body is done by degenerates out of pure odious spite. It is unwarranted. Circumcision is a medical euphemism for a callous procedure that deadens the senses, makes full sex impossible, causes some to have difficulty playing sports, causes soreness and lifelong frustration. It may not look like much has been taken. However, that which is stolen would have grown and when laid out would cover the palm of your hand. Absolutely unbelievable given that we claim to treasure children above all other things. If the cultural identity is strong and revered the individual can elect to follow in this path by their own choosing when they reach adulthood. Why have a child if you are so vindictive that you are prepared to hold them down and force such violence upon them just because it happened to you.

The premise that some forms of circumcision makes people cleaner and can lead to lower rates of infection is also feeble. Maybe we want other people to have less sex so interfere and make it physically painful for them when they do. The loss of wonderful sensations and the inability to get rewards from certain sexual plays is heart wrenching. An austere life with minimal rewards is not enlightening nor satisfying if it is not your chosen path.

Your children are yours to look after, but on no account, do you own them. They own themselves. My child, my choice. Wrong. My brother, my choice? My mother, my choice? My aunt, my choice - to do what we want with them? ‘My’ is a relationship not possession. It is also their prerogative to decide when and to whom they will lose their virginity. You can advise and provide guidance, but their body is their body. Your child will be born with a different set of preferences to you and you need only set the framework up for them to explore and discover what is suited to them. Affinities are fixed and locked in place to be identified through exploration with willing participants.

We do have to make decisions for children, such as inoculations and medical care. If there is ever any duty of care this could be one example. Making sure the right type and quality is administered and doing it in accordance with the latest findings is an imperative. Neither rushing nor brushing it under the carpet. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but it can come to us way too late in life. There is a practice called the lotus birth which chastises the haste at which we cut the umbilical cord. If I were at the side of my partner when they are giving birth again, I would be happy requesting that we leave it be for a good while, though I see little to be gained in having it attached for days on end as that seems excessive.

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