Take three cars, a jeep a racing car and an everyday runabout. Which one is perfect? Jeeps can go off road but topple over if cornering too fast. They are also heavy and cumbersome. Lots of clearance underneath the vehicle enables off-road use, but this raises the centre of gravity and undermines the stability. The racing car is the quickest by far, but hopeless for your shopping and gets stuck in the mud really badly. This means that you have a compromise with the cheapest and most practical for everyday needs and the only sensible place to race it is in a stock car smash up event. This analogy applies to us humans as well. Nobody is perfect, only perfect for the application.

I once bought a drill bit made of solid carbide which was some 20 times dearer than a standard one. Yes, it drills with ease, but I wouldn’t lend it to anyone, not because it was so expensive but because it is brittle and easily broken if not used right. Each and everything has a negative. Never perfect for all circumstances irrespective of how much money they cost. Every change leads to a compromise; you improve something at the expense of something else.

Could a perfect human being be designed and created? Is it possible to make enhancements and eliminate present deficiencies without downsides? We are led to believe that sometime soon all the believers will be saved and returned to a perfect world in a perfect form. Not only would this paradise be ten times more hellish than the world now, but every step you take, everything you do will be mistake and error free. No ladder you climb will fail, no cars will crash, and no fun will there be had. An intelligence so great that those fortunate few will be swamped in brilliance. No arguments, no discord, no chance to be yourself. The world is always going to be full of strife, there will always be risks, there will always be injustices and unfairness. Perfection is accepting downsides.

We humans are built for certain things. Each above average ability is coupled with weaknesses in other areas. The size of your blood vessels dictates whether you will be good at short fast races, great at long distance endurance challenges or best for sitting watching others compete for vain glory. If you think that we could invent a human being that can vary the size and shape of the various body parts, adjusting according to the demands of the day, then you will be perfectly suited for day dreaming competitions. Even our minds are configured to excel in different ways and although there is a certain amount of plasticity, what gives on one hand takes on the other.

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