With brazen assertive boldness a trickster will enter a building and pass through any security there with the same posture as one who has legitimate access. As they walk inside neither wary nor coy, they are much less likely to be properly challenged. There will be times in life where this can be employed to great effect, not to break any law as such but to get around some bureaucracy of one sort or another. As a humble soul in charge we need to be suspicious of bold individuals if we want to avoid being cheated.

Victims dither. So, to avoid being one, you can make yourself appear that you know what you are doing and where you are going, rather than looking lost and vulnerable. Walk with purpose.

You can’t fight the whole world without making a slip or two and one slip can be fatal. When in danger, one can resort to acting a little crazy, demented, to confuse the situation giving you the vital time to slip away. Wave your hands in the air and make strange noises. You have to consider whether you want an epitaph of bravado or play some more days of your life by burying self-esteem. There are many stories of warfare where only the cowards came home to let the people know the fate of the rest. If you have too many cowards in your army you will lose, but too much confidence and not enough respect for what can go wrong can wipe out people in their prime. We may always be thought of as a chicken by the few that remember us, but all can see a permanent scar on our face.

Opportunities are lost not for the lack of chance, but for the reluctance to have the nerve to ask. A good friend of mine saw a motorcycle left outside a neighbour’s house for a long time, unused and neglected. With a little care and attention, it would have been ideal for restoration. When it went, they asked the neighbour what they had done with it and found to their despair that it was dumped. Had they asked beforehand the neighbour would have given it to them for free to get it off their hands. In the same way as braving the request for a date with a someone you fancy, a promising looking soul, we know that in most instances the worst-case scenario is that we get a blunt no. Fortune favours the brave is a good cliché and wasted chances litter our lives.

Despots have proposed becoming an eternal leader years before making it a reality. Try sliding in a suggestion about getting married on a first date. We can broach ideas that at first appear preposterous and crazy. But, bit by bit we can edge people towards them taking it seriously.

There are many types of people out there. Some sit about waiting for things to happen like a farmer hoping for rain. It usually does, but we can’t be sure. Others make a solid effort to irrigate the land by getting water from somewhere else. You can meander through your life if you want to, hoping for something fortunate to happen, but those that thrive take positive steps to help themselves.

A lot of earth has to be shovelled and false starts countered before any real progress is made. There will be times where you take the wrong path and accept that that is progress in itself. You have to try some things which fail first before you get it right. They were critical steps that had to be taken even though they produced very little. If there are five ways of doing something, then on the balance of probabilities, you won’t find the best one first. Once you have tried two or three, you then realise that there are even more than five, but each dead end is one idea killed and the coffin nails you have developed become a feature in the final product. Laymen are kept in the dark to maintain the balance of those that have a lot and those that have a lot less.

Many will shy away from asking too many direct questions, too intrusive, far too probing they think but it is not a great surprise that people respond positively when put on the spot. This is because on the whole people like nothing better than talking about themselves. Caution is required and a good sense of when someone feels awkward is needed. If unsure I would simply ask if they feel comfortable talking about the subject in question and change course where applicable. Without the confrontation and head on discussion I would not be able to explore the avenues of thought that I feel merits pursuing.

Two primary devises are used, one is resisting jumping in and the other is repeating the question or a variation of it several times. Having the audacity to wait for a response by saying nothing but keeping the eyeballs, yours and theirs, transfixed elicits more than mere gabber. If that is not producing the result that you want, I would rephrase and reapply the pressure appealing for information. If all else fails, then I could show disinterest and hope that they want more attention and offer up more insights. It is all about sincerity and the ability to maintain some confidentiality with forward digging. It is not solely about prying, as couples for instance don’t always broach certain subjects with one another. An outside force can bring things out into the open and encourage some helpful reflection. Subjects are not always talked about at home. Some things are bubbling just under the surface and via an outsider they come to the fore.

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