Nobody is really that outstanding

During the countless conversations with people from all over the world I began to realise that all of us have rather good analytical skills when tested. I presumed incorrectly that there was a stark contrast between the ability of people to grasp the nature of being. It is not about the ability, but more to do with the wish to shy away from anything that presses too far into their deeply seated outlook. For many it is too big a headache to justify their position and they don’t see any point, especially if similar conversations have gone round and round in circles before.

Is there a time and place for certain discussions? Maybe so, but there is also a hint of wishing to control and decide for others what is and isn’t a suitable topic of conversation. We are often advised to steer clear of religion and politics because they so often end up with people speaking more loudly and more aggressively. People have a fixed political preference based on their understanding and knowledge at the time and where they have a faith in a religion that is deemed sacrosanct. However even outside of those two realms there is much to be thrashed out. You may not wish too think to hard and avoid being challenged. That is fine, but you can encourage those that are interested to engage. You may think it is not befitting the occasion or it’s not the time or place, but that is you pressing your ways on those that would rather decide for themselves. Having a fear of what we are allowed to talk about, however crazy and however provocative is a real menace in a society. I always felt able to keep the right side of a confusing line between confronting objections to ideas and winding people up for the sake of it. Whether people understood the reasoning behind the angle of thought remains to be seen. Personally, I liked to have no taboos, but the fear of delving where people don’t want to allow is genuine. It is also made much harder as the amount people listen dwindles rapidly compared to the amount they spiel, when things close to their heart are brought up.

Unlike the skills to complete maths problems quickly or speak fluently in many languages, social talents are far more widespread. People can be good at interacting with one another whilst not so masterful of the sciences and academia et al. I also became aware of all those in countless fields that could do not just a bit more than me, but vastly more and were so much quicker on the uptake. When one considers, even for a fleeting amount of time, the conceit of thinking that the earth stopped when we are born, you only need to glance at the accomplishments of uncountable other people living and gone. Then we meet a few who have been on a psychology course and now know what we are all thinking and understand all of our behaviours. Having some one-upmanship can be a novelty but is not endearing if played upon too often.

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