Sense it

It is surprising how a mundane afternoon wandering around the shops can be turned into an entertaining experience. It might be a cold day with light drizzle, not to your liking, but you can enjoy the freshness, the difference, the change felt by your senses. You can actively revel in each moment. Try purely for the experience, as an experiment, talking to as many people as possible. You needn’t consider how lucky you are that you can walk nor well enough to manage unless you are stopped by the lack of daring. Make the effort to talk to the shelf stacker, say hello to the people waiting at the bus stop, talk to as many people as you can. You might get an odd reaction or two at times, but you won’t be an anonymous figure that day. Never let one miserable person spoil the party. There is no need to transform yourself into the local crazy one, but people can feel invisible doing a mundane job and generally appreciate a small interaction.

Another little game people play when at a party or gathering is to approach the dullest looking person and see if they can find out something interesting about them. If not the dullest then maybe another ‘type’ such as someone who appears posh or brash. You will more than likely find that the upper-class demeanour doesn’t run too deep and behind the loud exhibition is someone full of life and energy. The point being that the way people portray themselves and the early impression that they give is not always consistent with their overall character. Getting to know someone a little and listening to them changes your overall interpretation of the people of this world. Just being alive is enough to interact as you see fit. Once again, you can do all of the above or ignore the lot for it is meant as an example to allow people to picture possibilities rather than being suggestive.

Problems can be our salvation. Problems can provide the inspiration and impetus to set forth on a new challenge. More awkward and unforeseen problems that we come across can test our individual character. When things don’t pan out the way we want, some people become het up whilst others simply take advantage of their situation. When held up by a late arriving train an opportunity arises to compare notes with those in the same boat.

Some delayed in traffic use the time to have a little think. This is easier said than done though if the pressures of work mean that the knock-on effect is costly. We can’t all reconfigure our lives as easily as others to reduce the weight on our shoulders. However, it can be factored into our decisions about what we take on.

Moments of adversity arrive randomly and unpredictably so you can’t go out today and test how you will cope with it. Nevertheless, when they do, you can be prepared to determine whether being outwardly annoyed and stressed is so necessary. Sometimes it will be, but more often than not, being cool and rising to the challenge is more productive. Prior thinking and re-evaluating what happened before enables you to react differently in the future. However, being human entails letting off steam sometimes and like all things if not balanced or too frequent then not so beneficial. A punch bag set up in the garden provides an outlet for pent up anger.

One afternoon a highly competent musician busked on the street. Thousands passed by and paid very little attention, very few stopped to listen. Most were on the way to buy tickets for a big evening event. The event with that busker on stage. Context is all and it takes razzmatazz for us to believe. It can be the same with food and drink. Just because something is ten times the price of another it does not always mean it is going to be that much better. More than likely the people you are with and the things that you are doing at the time will influence the taste much more. Being switched on to what is around you and appreciate the qualities of the here and now for what it is, is quite a thing.

Stale popcorn has been given to moviegoers and no complaints were forthcoming due to our inability to properly focus on more than one thing at a time. When we do home in on what we have in our hands we can be so much more critical and sometimes feel a duty to be complimentary too.

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