What I do is normal, as for others that is a lifestyle choice.


I keep hearing people say, "that is the lifestyle they are choosing". Lifestyle? We can choose to steer clear of all sex. We could avoid getting into any relationships. We can partake in something or other that has no appeal at all. People may practice things that whilst seem normal to them are abhorrent to others. However, to class it as being hedonistic and a lifestyle choice is a joke. The use of such words in certain contexts is a major irritation. People are born with a set sexual preference and a heterosexual lifestyle is no different to asexual, bis-sexual, iso-sexual or any other sexual life.

Lifestyle it is not. It is a pursuit of being true to oneself. We endeavour to build genuine relationships, not live in pretence for as long as we can bear it.

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You are welcome to read a book about you, me and everyone else. Some of you will get to understand what drives us all.

When you look up into the night sky you may be able to make out the odd star, but light pollution prevents you from seeing much. Go to the "middle of nowhere" and the spectacle is very different. You see it all. This book is like that. Every facet of human behaviour becomes clear, the psychology, our dreams, our aspirations, our wishes and wants. It is all uncovered.

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