Deprived, depraved, damaging, disgusting, sad.

The book outlines the disgust felt when the genitalia of babies are wrecked for no powerful reason. The theft and wanton disposal of a fantastic part of a human being.

Let's begin with potential positives.

It is cleaner.

Yes, in the same way as not cooking prevents the kitchen from getting dirty and untidy. Lads; roll it back when you have a shower and give it a good hosing - as often as possible. It can become gunky true, but like brushing your teeth and washing your hair it is something to attend to.

It reduces the risk of disease.

Yes of course it would if sex becomes uncomfortable and less appealing. Less sex - less disease transmission. Great. Let's make life sore and bitter in as many ways as we can to reduce risks of all kinds.

The list of sexual practices, delights and plays is long. Very long. Some, maybe half to three quarters would not cause someone with a circumcision a great deal of bother. Thus, you will have many people who have had a circumcision and not report any ill effect. However, certain activities are out of the question for a substantial portion of those affected. They will be nowhere near as contended. It all depends on what excites you. Long winded tantric sex - no chance. You move quickly from rewarding, pleasurable sensations to soreness and sorrow. Fun pain to unwelcome uncomfortable pain. Instead it is something quick and move the mind elsewhere.


This is a big part of the problem. As so many still have satisfactory sex lives it shadows the significant number that don't. The lines are blurred. Many won't admit it. It can be hard to quantify given that they have never know any different. Classic ignorance paradox.

I know that there is suffering galore. People in road accidents daily. People with hideous cancer and awful infections. That being said, to make lives miserable simply because it is perceived as the done thing is heart wrenching.

The truth is this. People in years gone by did not approve of 'wankers'. Masturbating is frowned upon. How does one really work out what turns us on? Think, fantasise, stroke stroke stroke the penis or the vulva. Try this, then that, then something else to find oneself. In some societies producing fluids of the sexual variety is distinctly naughty. People would do their utmost to prevent anything leaving their penis. Masturbating then strangling to stop any leakage. The result? Huge medical problems. What is so wrong with letting it out in private and wiping away the evidence, happy, flushed - a golden moment in a stress filled life. We travel but also take many inner journeys. Both essential, both an individual's prerogative.

I need to clarify my personal position on this. Circumcision at birth or without a child's truly informed consent is barbaric, child abuse and a horror that can't be properly elucidated. If one elected to have a circumcision as an adult that is their choice. That is when they adopt the culture or faith. It is not uniquely related to religion. Not at all. It goes on in equal measure within non-religious communities. It is only the circumcision of babies or children - those that can't provide consent that is troublesome. Anyone wanting to when they can decide for themselves is great. It shows a true believable commitment to the faith, the way of life or the culture.

You do not own the child. The child owns themselves.

I feel for those that not only lose sensation and have a dissatisfactory sex life but suffer when simply walking about. Playing sports is nigh on impossible for many. Oh, but that is just a tiny minority say those obsessed with meddling with things that is not theirs to mess with. Given that few are willing to talk about such an intimate aspect of their life I would guess that this tiny minority runs to millions of people. I am told that 38 percent of the population have had this savage sadistic intervention. It is beyond credibility. The numbers suffering in silence would fill a large nation.

Revanche? Has it occurred?

In the UK we have two significant laws. FGM female genital mutilation is banned. Then we have the statutes surrounding equality. Men can and will take the government to court to request vast recompense for allowing clear sexual discrimination. If anyone even suggests that it is worse for a girl than a boy, please think long and hard. In both cases the sensual nerves have been stolen.

Will banning it make it go underground? Maybe. But morality follows where the law leads. In the short-term boys will suffer in even more hideous ways, but as years go by, by standing firm the practice could fade.

It looks better said the mother. What? Will your son walk about with it hanging out for all to see when thee saunters to work? How dare you say a creature made by god can be aesthetically improved by your fallacies. Makeup yes, haircut yes, shave maybe. But cocking up his cock. Absolutely not. Let him choose his style?

I wish I had the ability to write with passion. Irrespective of that, what I will lastly say is that no other object in the universe has the capacity to provide as much fun, enjoyment and contentment than a fully functional sex organ. That is when used alone and with a fantastic long-term partner. It is often a key part of what has keeps people together. It even makes the odd baby.

To roughly quote the book; for every thousand sexual acts we produce a child. Sex is for fun, procreation is incidental.

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You are welcome to read a book about you, me and everyone else. Some of you will get to understand what drives us all.

When you look up into the night sky you may be able to make out the odd star, but light pollution prevents you from seeing much. Go to the "middle of nowhere" and the spectacle is very different. You see it all. This book is like that. Every facet of human behaviour becomes clear, the psychology, our dreams, our aspirations, our wishes and wants. It is all uncovered.

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