Are you clean?

Someone on a dating platform is being asked time and again a short question; are you clean? So, do they think I am dirty? In this context maybe being dirty is not really the opposite of being clean.

A clean driving license. No points on it. If we do have points for speeding, we don't say I have a dirty driving licence.

A clean bill of health.

A sportsman can be clean - untainted with drugs or doping offences.

A clean cut. Maybe even and tidy, though cuts can become dirty and infected.

Clean living is viewed as a life imbued with a balanced varied diet and sensible levels of exercise.

I don't think people are necessarily implying that you are unclean / dirty if you possess a transmissible disease. The individual who brought this to my attention claimed that the level of their infection is very low. So low that there is virtually no risk of infecting anyone else that they come in close contact with. Irrespective of the risk, are we obliged to be open and upfront about our disposition? Does it waste people's time if they will back off anyway further down the line? Is it rude to ask and is it coy to keep it to ourselves until we meet someone that we could form a serious relationship with?

People feel that they have a right to know under the "where is the harm? " school of thought. If you keep quiet and allow a bond to grow before making an announcement there can be a sense of underhandedness taking place. I suppose a catch-22 can arise. Few will bother to get to know someone in that situation. They feel that it is a means to and end, keep shtum until it becomes necessary and people will get past the issue.

People will briefly peruse someone's' personal profile and jump to the next at the sight of any deal breaker. People with an infection sit alongside a whole host of people with characteristics that are wanted or are not wanted. We will always be fussy about who we date, though less so when the options dwindle. It is very difficult to force someone to fall in love with you. Some game playing and trickery can be a catalyst. However, we get irritated when we are conned outright.

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