Answers to where the car battery is and is the squeak of the Oast house Cowl normal?

The curiosity mechanism will be satisfied with a variety of answers. The mechanism will not always care too much about the generally accepted truth. Any answer will often do. The bus driver can come up with pretty much any explanation as to why they are late. There are times though when you want to resolve an issue and when the answer doesn't fit you search some more.

A battery warning light came on in my car and I wanted to change it. That would seem straightforward enough if only I could find it. Being a secondary battery, it was not where one would normally expect it to be. Using curiosity, I looked under the bonnet, in the boot, in the glove compartment, behind the seats. I even unscrewed a panel in the passenger footwell, all to no avail. I knew it was quite big so surely it can't be that hard to find. I phoned the dealership and they recommended looking in places that I had already searched. All searches online led nowhere useful. So, I took it to a local garage, and they were on the point of giving up when I mentioned a hidden fuse box between the seats. It panned out that it was behind the rear seats in a place that was hard to access. The joy of the hunt, to be not defeated.

When living in an Oast house I was plagued by an irritating noise stemming from the cowl on the top of the roof. When it turned in the wind it would make an eeeaaaarrrr noise, randomly, sometimes at four or five-minute intervals. Not a problem during the day but something that can wake us up earlier than we would like in the mornings and prevent you from getting back to sleep. More online searches to find a solution. Nothing whatsoever from history guides and many in-depth detailing of these cowls and the respective buildings they sit upon. An article in the Telegraph by a property expert suggested that this was a 'feature'. Maybe a hint to people that answers online can be plain wrong or at best incomplete. The fix? Nothing more than a handful of grease. The only obstacle is access. The base of the pole is some 5 metres above the top floor. A long blast of spray grease followed by a mass of thicker grease from a tub can be applied. At the top where the pole goes through the roof some grease on a stick can get it in place. The stick will reach up the further 2 metres needed. 7 metre ladders are hard to manhandle. Now silence bar a little knocking when there is a storm.

Answers can be wrong. Answers can be satisfactory. Answers can help us enormously. Answers always satisfy our curiosity system. Answers can allow us to move on. Fill the gap and solve the problem. Uncertainty troubles us. The curiosity machine bleeps until we remove the uncertainty. Compare waiting for a bus knowing it is coming in 10 minutes because an electronic sign says it is with waiting for a bus not having a clue if it is even going to arrive at all. It is difficult to plan things when you have uncertainty.

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