The many modes of existence; none of which are more desirable, all are as valid as one another – just different. (a) Hunting, foraging, mating from time to time. On the lookout for dangers. Exploring. Using the drives in a pure form. (b) Building and creating. Having a belief that you are moving forward. As one reward subsides another is thought to be on the horizon. Real life, clear reality. Witnessing the actual physical manifestation of tangible products. Making solid additions to mankind’s capability. Your fear of being scolded by those holding sway over you is no illusion. The words are more than just sound waves, they impact you. (c) Reflection and meditation. Quiet, inward looking. Analysis. Planning and plotting. Shut the world out and be at one with your mind and body. Refresh, recuperate. (d) Driving the machine. A distinctly different mode. Intruding the process of thinking by intercepting it. Being as far removed from being a human as one can imagine. De-layering. Consciously grasping what is going on inside you. (e) Utilising everything you know to your advantage, often just for the fun, the challenge. Only using instinct when you can’t calculate the next move in the time available.

We can thrive in one mode at all times. Some can flit between them at will. Such a profusion of modes to not pay attention to; ignorance something maybe?

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