Giving up

Once we claim that we are fully content it is the end of the game, all done, all completed. Thereafter we are less human and more of an entity that is running on autonomous behaviour. Boredom is no longer willing you to make some changes either.

Once we feel that we have seen it all, and every curiosity pathway appears to have been filled, nothing seems to be worth the effort. This is old age rather than the golden age that some are in.

We are biological machines and machines are renowned to go awry. Once your curiosity dies, so do you. People have begun to stop feeling reward and function very poorly as a result. Those that lose their selfishness become lost souls.

No motivation, no sense of moving forward, no direction in life arises when someone never feel pleased nor gets any sense of gratification from daily activities. When any one of the drives disappears or wasn’t formed properly in the first place, you are in effect much less human. Survival is wanted where the selfishness prospers. If you never feel good about helping you are in danger of being helpless yourself.

To take one’s own life because of an irreversible biological issue is one thing, but it is pathetic, to even consider it, just to avoid facing difficult circumstances. Debt, duty or trapped. Regardless of whether it is something you have had any control over or not, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you. When you fall out or foul up there is always a way to figure out a solution, apologise, make amends, reorganise and restructure without wasting the chance to reroute.

Reaching a nadir, the rock bottom, a very low point where life seems too much of a struggle to carry on can be an opportunity to pack your things and walk away. You can leave your troubles behind and start afresh somewhere else. If you are at a point where it can’t get much worse, you really do have nothing to lose. Maybe you can return one day and explain yourself to those that worried about you. You can’t properly explain yourself by leaving a note and jumping off a bridge.

I said; ’just to avoid’ facing difficult circumstances, at the time it feels more than ‘just a difficult period’. We may feel totally heartbroken and fail to see a way forward. Those that do slog onwards have come out the other side, albeit bruised and battered but undoubtably relieved that they are still here. They have looked back and can see the turning point in their life and become bigger characters afterwards. Shame and torment do slowly fade and can be turned into a badge of honour, expanding your personality.

Whilst there will always be people that are at the ready to bully you and be very hurtful, escape is always possible. The game of life can be a monstrous challenge, bring it on rather than let it bring you down. Never concede - you can’t regret dying. If ever in a spot of confusion you don’t have to do it today. Leave it till next year and see how you feel then. You can be like those in war zones who considered themselves dead already so lost all fear of living. If you think of yourself as being dead already then you will have no difficulty unburdening your woes to people that will listen. You can take the fight to them with nothing to lose.

Think of the things you have not done yet. Think of all the people that you want to be with when they get together and have babies, pass exams and get to where they want to go. There is no place for envy, for your time will come when you too will be the subject of interest to them also. Some have explored their co-considerational selfishness through charity work. They treasured the sense of being needed and feel much better about themselves. You do not have to do dull fundraising. Simple hands on active involvement is as useful. You both gain, you more so. Plenty will appreciate your assistance but in the process, you heal yourself.

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