When you look up into the night sky you may be able to make out the odd star, but light pollution prevents you from seeing much. Go out to the "middle of nowhere" and the spectacle is very different. You see it all. This book is like that. Every facet of human behaviour becomes clear, the psychology, our dreams, our aspirations, our wishes and wants. It is all uncovered.

Those that read it carefully and have the ability to think for themselves will get that eureka moment. Is that helpful? Maybe, as you at least will know the reasons behind what we do. It applies to is all, everyone of us with no exceptions. A truly remarkable thing. Whether by design or accident these drives within us are very clever.

A book that doesn’t tell you what to do. No unwanted advice on how you should live your life. It is philosophy without the jargon or language nonsense.

We could charge £9.99 or more for this book. Simple psychology, the more something costs the better it is. It would seem more worthwhile reading it. Alas it is free, although if you would like a hardcopy, you can indeed part with some money to have one sent to you.

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The writer made plenty of money through setting up and running a business. Having sufficient money means that there is no need to make anything from a book.

It has been fairly costly to print hard copies and hand out for free, plus web expenses and proofing all add up, but it has been a hobby of sorts.

The book has come about mainly by original thoughts of the writer, but there are considerable contributions, of sorts, by vast numbers of other people. Through hundreds of hours of discussion and debate with so many and even if the opposite of what people said was taken on board, it seems wrong to charge for this book.

If you prefer to read from a paperback you are welcome to buy one. They cost a lot to print and post so sending for free is no longer sustainable.

286 pages - paperback with colour images. £6.99 including postage worldwide.

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