The Plan

The aim is to get us out of lockdown in a way that leads to the lowest amount of deaths overall. We also want the least amount of human suffering. Social distancing has a price, a human cost and is unnatural. It breaches our way of living that has been in place since mankind's beginnings. It is plain wrong.

The first assumption is that the virus is here to stay.

No country has kept the virus at bay and got everything open again. To prove success with track and trace one must demonstrate that it works for extensive periods of time with all airports, borders and ports free flowing.

Track and trace is more feasible in countries where there is high individual discipline and strict policing. The UK is unlikely to make much of a success of this scheme. Can we realistically play whack-a-mole for years on end and keep the enthusiasm for social distancing? Unlikely, restlessness is already building now in late May 2020. Boris Johnson's popularity is sinking fast. People have had enough. Too many cling to the belief that it will work. The economic situation is getting worse and worse. People are frustrated. We are restricted. I see little chance that a premier football match will ever kick off again. Very few restaurants will adapt to the 2m rule. No theatre will put on a play. No gym will open. No swimming pools. No cricket matches. No horse racing. No proper schooling. No pub will pull a pint. No bowling. No cinema. No holidays abroad at prices the common man can afford. No markets. No summer fairs. No rock concerts. No festivals. No conferences.

Maybe a cynic a conspiratorial type would suggest that the new normal is a life of work and not much play bar walks in the countryside. Some, golf courses will survive as will many outdoor sports albeit with financial struggles.

Will we get the virus level low enough so that we can do more? Maybe, but with it constantly ballooning in random places in a relentless manner we may find ourselves giving up. When we give up, we may find that our will to care evaporates. The death toll all round will be unimaginable. We have two causes of death to stomach. Those from the virus in numbers that we would have had anyway were we to let it rip at the start coupled with untold lockdown casualties. The NHS will be overwhelmed in way that is incomprehensible. The backlog for routine ops will be beyond gigantic. It will be utter carnage, and this is to be handled with a weary public and debts higher than anything seen for a long time.

Letting the virus do its thing is not for the faint hearted. We have to accept that all that we have done so far has been a waste of time. Not only a waste of time but counterproductive. It has made everything much worse.

#boldWhat is needed We have to increase the nightingale hospital capacity enormously to hold two hundred thousand people.

We need provide oxygen and masks to tens of thousands of homes.

We need to fast track a people-to-carers scheme involving several hundred thousand willing souls. They need to learn very basic nursing. Correct positioning, alertness to deterioration, physio and observation.

Ambulances are in such short supply that they will not be called upon at all. We would need to requisition other forms of transport.

We need some 3 million people a week recovering. Most will be doing so at home.

Controlling the rate of spread will be far from easy, but we have fear on our side. No one will be forced to do anything. Those that want to hide at home can. We do not want a huge peak. We will not get a steady rate though.

The NHS will only be called upon for the most severely ill but viable patients.

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You are welcome to read a book about you, me and everyone else. Some of you will get to understand what drives us all.

When you look up into the night sky you may be able to make out the odd star, but light pollution prevents you from seeing much. Go to the "middle of nowhere" and the spectacle is very different. You see it all. This book is like that. Every facet of human behaviour becomes clear, the psychology, our dreams, our aspirations, our wishes and wants. It is all uncovered.

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