covid-19 pandemic - go out or stay at home.

We can tell people to stay at home to save others.


We can tell people to stay at home to save themselves. Save them no matter how fit they are. Save them no matter how young they are.

Telling people to do as we say, to save others, may not be as effective as saying do this to save you yourself. We can call people out for being selfish for not staying at home during this pandemic. We can appeal to peoples' selfishness. We can show how things could pan out rather badly for them if they don't stay at home. The safety net of the health service will not be available for them if the hospital over fill. If you have an accident you might not get treated. You will at the very least wait a long time to get seen. The chance of an ambulance coming to your aid is slim. If you have an accident on the road you may survive the crash but not get to hospital. If you do get there, they may not be able to cope and save you.

Co-considerational selfishness comes into effect. We feel better for doing what a lot people believe to be the right thing. Staying put and not going out is beneficial for all in terms of slowing the spread of the disease. We feel better in ourselves for doing our bit and contributing to the greater cause. It helps us, it is still selfish though, co-considerationally selfish.

An old quote from the book; No matter how bad it gets for you, others wants to live their lives unaffected. Were your house to fall over, people would have some sympathy. However, it won't be long before they are asking you to clear the bricks of the road. They want to get their car out and go places.

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You are welcome to read a book about you, me and everyone else. Some of you will get to understand what drives us all.

When you look up into the night sky you may be able to make out the odd star, but light pollution prevents you from seeing much. Go to the "middle of nowhere" and the spectacle is very different. You see it all. This book is like that. Every facet of human behaviour becomes clear, the psychology, our dreams, our aspirations, our wishes and wants. It is all uncovered.

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