The book starts with a look at the meaning of life, or lack of. If we say there is no meaning or no real purpose, then why do we bother? By looking at what drives us instead, we can make a lot of sense of this issue. There does seem to be some driving forces that are in everyone one of us. Knowing what they are and how they work can give us some great insights into all aspects of life.

It is Free (almost, in most cases)

The book is largely free, apart from the kindle download. It was not possible to set 0.00 in the web form on the Amazon site so it has been put at 0.79p, the lowest it would accept. It is free to download on the Apple store, play store and here in PDF or EPUB format.

What it is not

It is not about some kind of cult or club. Just an examination of various aspect of human life. The aim was to try and avoid telling people what they should or should not do in their lives. Unfortunately, that is not always as easy as it sounds. Everything in life seems to have many angles. You should not kill is a prime example. You may never wish to kill or hold that as a key virtue, but when on the spot with someone trying to kill you, you may act to defend yourself. As each version of the book has been written a greater amount of balance has been added. We have to make our own minds up about what to do according to the circumstances we are in.

Modern life.

Books do not cut it these days. With the instant gratification of simple and fast things to read about. With tag lines of “the most impressive thing you will ever see in your life”, “mind blowing images that you must not miss out on” and “this will transform your life in just 3 minutes” it is hard to compete. Added to that there are no shortage of short films to distract us. it is hard to allocate time to read something that is densely written and reasonably long. This book is more like a pantomime that has jokes the kids won’t get and stuff that goes over the head of most adults. Having said that, there is a resurgence in records, tapes and old style telephones. There is also so much more in having a good read about something in depth.

Target audience

In this respect it has a problem. Although there is not too much complex language it might not appeal to many under 30 and most over that age feel they know it all already. It is not rigorous enough for philosophers. They like complex ideas and the notion that things are much more simple than we like to think, doesn’t appeal. In truth our days consists of nothing much more than eat, shit and sleep, much like when we were babies, with some imagination that all the extensive goings on in our life make it seem so important. Thankfully, there are enough emotional highs and notable triumphs that enable us to push that to the back of our minds.

Was it worth the effort?

If I were to say that I wrote it for myself and that it helped clarify a lot of my own musings, then yes it was well worth it. As for hoping many will really read it, there is not much chance of that. There are some 'great' nuggets of information that were thought up myself and a few with the help and hindrance of others. Sometimes people have said things that were used in completely the opposite way. It is the fourth edition and I suspect in a few years time another attempt will be made to see if it can be improved further.


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