Instagram helped kill my child

"Instagram helped kill my child", wrong, Instagram didn't help kill your child - you did. The internet is an adult playground. It is an arena that is riddled with mis-information, dangerous ideas, porn, suggestive material and much more. It even has some useful facts and educational pieces. It is though, not a place for children to peruse pages at their leisure unsupervised. Instead of blaming various "social" media sites for not taking down noxious material, we are at liberty to keep our children away from it. Any internet enabled device that can be used where and when they want is highly dangerous. A computer in the living room can be monitored, a phone in the bedroom can't.

When we accept that it is us, as parents, that are responsible for these instances of self-harm and suicide, we have the bravery to restrict internet access devices until they reach 18. Yes, they will throw a tantrum and will feel the odd one out when all the other children are not forbidden. Yes, it seems harsh, but an adult world is no place for children to wander freely. Remember, if it is not on Instagram it will be on Reddit, if not there then on thousands of other sites, most of which are delivered from another country. Complaining about certain sites is equivalent to blaming a chainsaw manufacturer for the loss of your child's right arm, lost whilst they were playing with one when you were not about.

I understand that many a teenager will have doubts and confusions about their sexuality for example. Finding out that they are not alone - via the internet could be a magical help. They will however, regardless of how limited their access to the internet is, find those types of resources maybe at a library or a friend's house. It comes down to balance and moderation. I feel the issue relates to how greatly they are being bombarded with messages. The bulk of the problems stem from having it so infused so greatly into one's life. Particularly during our most naive period. We become less impressionable as we get older. A potential analogy can be found in sunbathing. We can get a little to replenish our vitamin D. Being in the sun all day leads to sunstroke and sun burning. Being on the internet a little bit is a positive, but it soon switches to a negative if far too much.

You choose; give them a phone as soon as they get to 10 years old, that is fine. However, it is not fair to complain to the world when they become wayward, disturbed or begin to self-harm. It is not the fault of the chainsaw, it is not the fault of the website owners, most of the fault lies in those that hand them the tools.

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